It was in 1880 that Mr Theodore Young Kelley, owner of Nubian Manufacturing Co., based in London and Paris, decided to produce and distribute in Italy, under licence from the english head office, some of the company's products for the cleaning and care of footwear shoes and leather goods. Mr. Kelley sited his office in Milan, which is a central trading point in Italy and near to the shoe manufacturing towns of Vigevano, Parabiago and Cerro Magiore, which were the centre of leather product manufacturing and handcrafted leather production.

During the rebuilding activities in the aftermath of the 2nd world war, Mr. Kelley's heirs passed the Milan office on to Mr. Giuseppe Invernizzi, and since then the control of the company has remained in Invernizzi Family hands. The family have ensured that the original formula and spirit of the company has been preserved.

Since that time the Invernizzi family have committed themselves totally to the continued production of a quality product, "Crema Alpina". They are continuously increasing their experience in this area and hence are continually improving the product. The success of the product has been measured by considerable customer satisfaction. The Invernizzi family still focus on the same targets that Mr. Theodore Young Kelley brought with him when he chose Milan as the reference point for trading his products:

Care and respect for the enviroment through the usage of natural raw materials

Use of the most select and successful components available on the market

Countinual improvement of the production process

Supply of a quality service

Creation of a close relationship with custromers

These clear and simple targets have preserved the continuing success of the product.