Crema Alpina: a unique product of its kind.
It is a semi-fluid cream that can be used on any colour of leather (no suede no Nabuk).
It allows you to keep your leather items looking new. It is neutral and suitable for any colour. Furthermore it can be polished to a shine. To produce Crema Alpina only the best waxes are used. All waxes are of 100% vegetable origin
The usage of ultra-refined waxes (beeswax)
, also used in top quality cosmetics and in various medicines, guarantees the efficiency of the product and makes it less "aggressive" than synthetic products. Finally, thanks to the use of the natural solvent (an expensive, high quality solvent), the maximum penetration of the products into the pores of the leather is guaranteed. This regenerates, cleans and protects the leather.
Crema Alpina is the finest "Made in Italy" leather's accessory.
Crema Alpina can be applied to shoes, bags, jackets and sofas, leather car seats, saddles, leather for motorcycle riders. Crema Alpina will immediately return the leather to its original state of lustre, softness and uniformity of colour


a)It softens the leather, especially where the combined action of air and water have made the leather stiff and unpleasant to touch. This is due to the softening action of the valuable vegetable waxes (beeswax) which enrich and strengthen the leather, the leather is therefore returned to its natural softness.

b)It nourishes and keeps the natural elasticity of the leather; this is due to the presence of high quality wax (beeswax:a valuable substance that is also used as regenerating component in cosmetics).

c)The treated leather is guaranteed a long period of natural waterproofing due to the natural substances found in Crema Alpina.

d)Crema Alpina prevents and eliminates stains and spots left by the deposits present in water.

e)It protects the leather from damaging substances such as water, smog, and from wear and tear. Crema Alpina helps to keep the original colour and quality of the leather.

f)It penetrates deep into the leather, this guarantees a natural detergent action, thanks to the combined action of of the vegetable waxes (beeswax) and the natural solvent.

g)It revitalizes the leather, without creating a covering layer that could prevent transpiration and so damage the leather.

Usage Tips:

Using Crema Alpina is simple: after shaking the bottle, spread the cream on the surface to be treated using a clean woollen cloth.

The regular use of the cream helps to prolong the life of the leather.

It is not harmful, but since it is a cleaning product, it is recommended that it is only used by adults and that it should be kept away from children.

The product can be stored under various conditions, provided that there is normal humidity. Crema Alpina retains all its qualities even if not used for some time.