Is "Crema Alpina" a natural cream?
This product is natural and water- soluble.

Which are the basic components of "Crema Alpina"?
Fundamentaly the most precious vegetable waxes that are used for cosmetics (beeswax).

Is it a neutral product?
It's a neutral product, so it's good for all kind of colours.
How does it guarantee the best penetration in the pores, maintaining and protecting the leather?
The best penetration is guaranteed. Crema Alpina regenerates, cleans and protects leather.

For what is it used?
It's used to naturally protect and polish different products in not-suede leather: shoes, bags, jackets, sofas, leather car seats, saddles, leather for motorcycle riders.

Does it give softness to leather?
Yes, it gives back to leather the natural softness thanks to the action of precious vegetable waxes that enrich and fortify leather.

Does it guarantee resilience to leather?
It maintains the natural resilience of leather, thanks to high quality wax (beeswax), precious substance used also for cosmetics.

Does it guarantee a waterproofing of leather for a long period?
Yes, it guarantees a waterproofing thanks to waxes that create a protecting barrier. Repolishing it, this barrier can be recreated more than once.

Does it protect leather from external agents (water, pollution, usage)?
Yes, it protects leather from this thanks to vegetable waxes . "Crema Alpina" penetrates and guarantees a cleaning natural action. It also prevents and removes calcareous marks and spots created by water.

How to use it?
The use is very simple: once you have shaked the bottle, spread the cream on the surface that needs to be treated with a clean woollen cloth.

How much to use it?
A regular usage of the cream once per week guarantees a long lasting leather.

What about Crema Nubiana?
A customized version of the cream for the national dealers.

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