It was in 1880 that Theodore Young Kelley , proprietor of the Nubian Manufactoring Co. based in London and Paris, decided to manufacture and sell in Italy, under licence from head office the Nubian accessories for cleaning and care of footwear and leather goods. For his italian branch Mr Kelley chose Milan, because it was Italy' s main business city and located near to the shoe manufacturing towns of Vigevano, Parabiago and Cerro Maggiore, which where the centre of footwear production and creative design craftsmen.

In the late 1940' s Giuseppe Invernizzi took over the Milan business from the heirs of the founder and since then control of the firm as always remained in the Invernizzi family, which has maintained the original formulae and their particular approach. Shortly afterwords began their collaboration with Compar Bata which has for sixty years being supplying customers with CREMA ALPINA. .

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