Crema Alpina is a neutral and entirely natural cream which meets every need for cleaning and care of leather products of any colour (no suede no Nabuk).

Apply it on shoes, bags, jackets, sofas and it enables you to mantain unaltered over long periods of time the aesthetic and working characteristics of any leather, and look quite new.

Crema Alpina reinstates a leather's natural softness when the effects of water, combined with air, make it stiff and unpleasant to touch.

Leather's elasticity is nourished and mantained thanks to the presence of beeswax, which is a precious substance used for regenerating purposes also in cosmetic science.

Crema Alpina guarantess waterproofing of leather over long periods of time, because it contains a natural substance without any silicone.

It prevents and eliminates light and dark stains caused by water. It defends leather goods against the external agents of water, smog, mud, and wear, mantaining unaltered their colours and other characteristics.

Thanks to the action combined vegetable waxes of quality and to a natural solvent, it penetrates in depth thus guaranteeing an effective detergent action. In this way Crema Alpina does not create a covering film which by preventing perspiring would be harmful in leather goods.

Application is easy: after shaking the bottle, spread the cream on the surface to be treated, using a cloth. Allow the product to take effect and after a few minutes rub the surface with a dry wool cloth. The regular use of Crema Alpina will guarantee any leather's durability over time.

Crema Alpina can be applied to shoes, bags, jackets and sofas, leather car seats, saddles, leather for motorcycle riders. Crema Alpina will immediately return the leather to its original state of lustre, softness and uniformity of colour